Some Resources

Posted by anonfemphil on October 18, 2008

  1.  The website for the National Science Foundation’s Advance Program, which aims to improve the representation of women in the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
  2. A excellent and informative pamphlet drawn up by philosophers and scientists about the causes of the lack of diversity and about remedial measures:  go here.
  3. Sally Haslanger’s well-known paper on changing the ideology and culture of philosophy; it’s here.
  4. From England’s Wellcome Trust; possibly defensive reaction to the finding on gender discrimination and peer review in Sweden.
  5. Reflections on the evalution of men and women by a Stanford biologist who underwent a female to male sex transformation: here and, for a report on a related panel, here.
  6. Tutorials for change on gender schemas and science:  slides shows on the effects of gender discrimination and an hypothesis to explain it by Virginia Valian.  Her work, particular her book, Why so Slow?, forms a classic resource.
  7. Unlocking the Clubhouse, an account of Carnegie Mellon’s diagnosis of thecauses of the lack of women in their computer science graduate program and their successful steps in changing it.
  8. Athena Unbound:  has some data about the international position of women in academia, including an explanation of why some muslim counntries look more favorably on women in science  than the US does.
  9. From the University of Michigan’s Advance website:

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